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MAGNETIC the movie

On December 31st, at 11:58:07 PM Coordinated Universal Time, Earth, the third planet from the star sol will have its atmosphere ripped to shreds by an unlikely combination of magnetic forces from the largest directed coronal mass ejection in the history of the galaxy and the rapid seconds-long polar reversal of the geomagnetic field. These forces will shatter the protective layer on the once stable, life-sustaining planet in an instant. Everything we know will become nothing. Maybe it already has.

MAGNETIC is the story of Alice, who having failed at life in New York City, grabs her favorite collections of mixtapes, returns to her desolate, rural hometown, and finds a job calling people to inform them that their children have died. It does strikes her as a little unusual that the office is hundreds of feet underground in a former bunker under a sheep farm, but her life has drained her of virtually all emotional response. 

She has the sense that she is being watched and that something about the cassette tape with the "play me" label isn't quite right, but she could never even imagine why she is so essential to the preservation of all life on Earth.